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SixPax is an old school gym for people serious about getting in shape. Don’t be fooled that the workout is “only 30 mins.” You’ll train harder than you ever have in your life, but the results are undeniable. The personal attention that you get by training one-on-one with an award winning bodybuilder will push you to your limit.
From day one, you’ll be provided me with a tailored workout regime and diet. If you follow this regime religiously, you will lose the weight, you will get bigger, leaner and stronger. You will look and feel awesome. If you’re looking to achieve and surpass your fitness goals, SixPax is the right place for you.*


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Lose body fat and get fit with awesome results with 30 min training sessions just 2-3 times a week. You’ll be in the best shape of your life and also healthy on the inside.*
We’ll set up a personalized exercise and nutrition plan designed just for you. We’ll be in constant contact with you every step of the way, to keep you on track to reach your goals.



*Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person and these are individual experiences



At SixPax gym we've designed a program that is short, intense and focused to give maximum results in the shortest amount of time. All sessions are 30 minutes.


Semi-Private Training

with 30 Minute Sessions


Private Training

with 30 Minute Sessions

  • Up to 12 sessions
  • $399/month



Our Team

We are a team of professional trainers that are committed to empower people through exercising  and healthy habit of eating. We make sure that you're not only in the best shape of your life but also healthy on the inside out.* We will fully outline your personalized nutrient plan and training regimen to help you to achieve your goals.







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My name is Siavash Fashi, NASM certified personal trainer. I came to the United States in 2007 as an asylum (Immigrant) from Iran. even though I had no money and spoke very little English. I worked as a security guard for three years and studied at night, reading everything I could get my hands on to learn English. My life changed dramatically in 2010 when I found the love of my life, Jennifer Bouras who is also an immigrant from South Africa. In 2011 with my only $3000 We opened our own gym and named it SIXPAX. During the past four years, We have grown our business, made so many new friends, and we have helped the good people of Culver City, California lose over three and a half thousand pounds! We became United States citizens and proudly voted for the first time in 2013. We wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to America for allowing us to achieve the beautiful American Dream and our way of doing it was through SIXPAX, We have always tried to give back to my community through my SIXPAX Gym, creating awareness about staying healthy and maintaining a positive lifestyle with integrity and dignity.


Proper form
Keep every rep strict and controlled. Do not bounce, swing or stop short of either full stretch or full contraction. Slow your pace when resisting a weight and use eccentric movement to recruit the most muscle fibers.
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How to build Muscle Mass
Train your muscle to failure (and occasionally beyond) to force new growth in your body in response to a need. Experiment with Low Reps and Heavy WeightInclude low reps – two or three per set – and heavy weights in your program, especially with compound exercises like squats, bench presses and deadlifts. These heavy multipoint movements are a prerequisite for building a maximum amount of muscle.*
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How to lose weight and fat fast!
Here’s the recipe to rapid weight loss: 40 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. Intense gym training sessions 2-3 times per week Spend as much time planning your nutrition program as you do your training program. Click here for a nutrition regimen designed to lose body fat and gain maximum results*.
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